Participant Comments

"I feel more helpful eliciting change talk . . . this will improve already strong relationships I have with patients . . . the program was really good and very helpful"

"This has helped me understand what patients want"

"MI is a way for patients to see that we are on their side."

"The training made me think about the ways I talk and listen to people"

I now feel motivated to use MI skills that sadly I had let go of in the past few years . . . MI improves patient satisfaction."

Diabetes Care

Imagine how different diabetes care would be if clinicians used motivational interviewing (MI) for evoking people’s co...

Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change

A Great New Book Has Arrived: Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change

I Was Often Wondering What To Say Next

When I started using MI in diabetes care after my first training, I used open ended questions and struggled with simple ...

MI Training


How Can People in My Organization Learn MI?

Learning new skills differs from learning information. In the latter research and reading suffice. Learning new skills, playing the piano, playing tennis or learning Ml, all require skills training and practice. MI is learnable. Most begin with a 2 or 3 day training. Following that many continue with a trainer. This provides them with the coaching process involved in learning new skills.

The list below describes trainings we provide. We offer free phone consultations to organizations or groups of individuals interested in learning MI.

Email to schedule a consultation.

Most of our programs are designed for organizations whose members want to learn MI. We also list here public meetings we do that are open to any healthcare provider. Also if you and your colleagues want a personalized MI training program please notify us. We do programs for 10 to 50 or more people in the same geographic area. With larger groups, two or more trainers are used. ALL OF OUR EXPERIENCED TRAINERS USE MI COMPETENTLY AND ARE MEMBERS OF MINT, the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.

OUR TRAININGS DO NOT CAUSE DEATH BY POWERPOINT. In fact PowerPoint is less important than the highly interactive approach we use to facilitate adult learning. You work with colleagues on MI related tasks, view videos, practice interviewing skills while learning with an up to date trainer(s).

  • An Overview of Motivational Interviewing – 1 to 2 hours, provides information about MI
  • Brief Introductory Training – 4 to 5 hours that allows you practice and time see what MI is
  • Introductory Training in MI – 2 or 3 days of interactive learning that provides a strong foundation for continued learning enjoyment
  • Advanced Training in MI Skills – this 2 day program is for people who are familiar with MI and have been using it, perhaps not as much as they want as they would like.
  • Special MI Trainings – MI in diabetes care or other chronic medical conditions, telephonic use of MI and MI for case managers are a few of the options.
  • Follow up coaching in MI. This is reading and discussion based. Tapes you have made of interviews in a HIPPA consistent fashion are sent to us. We listen to the tape and provide comments to you that are recorded in gaps we create in the tape(s). We can also arrange to have your interviews coded using MITI (the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity Code).
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